Renata Zandonadi Quaglia is a Brazilian creative based in New York City. Raised on a cotton farm in Brazil, Renata has always been interested in textiles and craftsmanship. After obtaining a degree in Agronomy at university, Renata felt her passions veering more towards expressive and creative mediums, and decided to pursue fashion. Shaping and sharpening her creative lens and aesthetic, Renata studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Paris. While in Paris, Renata also began her decade-long career as a fashion model and consultant, collaborating with countless celebrated designers, photographers and stylists.  

Renata’s embroidery work is characterized by vibrant colors and patterns, contrasting textures and a touch of whimsy. Each of her creations is a unique form of artistic expression that captures her personal feelings of love and happiness. While having their original beauty celebrated, photographs are transformed into modern, joyful heirlooms.